Beautiful Ash Blonde Balayage Is Back in 2019

A huge number of bolder blond colour trends are coming back around. From rose gold to grey hair, but ash blond balayage is all the rage! This smoky hue is high on the charts nowadays, thanks to its edginess and royalty feels. This look combines both balayage and grey hues to create a stunning -in salon option. Ash blonde hair color goes well with cool skin tones and bright eye colour. It can also be tweaked to flatter warm complexions as well.  


What is Balayage

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that is used to create soft, natural looking highlights to your hair. This technique can be used in place of the common foil highlights. Hair color is painted or swept onto the client’s hair strand to create the illusion of lightness and depth. Balayage can enhance almost any hairstyle, texture or length to give it an earthy sun-kissed look.

How Can You Get A Beautiful Ash Blonde Balayage?


This hair colouring technique is best left to the professionals. At Jacky’s hairdressers Brisbane southside, our highly trained artists know what they are doing. They paint the dye directly onto the hair strands, leaving a natural blend. They start by making small triangular sections on your hair before sweeping hair color into them. This results in a seamless blend of highlights and your natural hair color. Also, darker pieces are left at the bottom to give your hair depth and dimension. This hair coloring technique leaves no clear fade line between the darker and lighter colors. It requires less maintenance due to this natural transition.  


Less maintenance is required with Balayage


These sorts of highlights are a lot easier to maintain as compared to traditional foil highlights. Most people go for as long as two months between hair coloring appointments. That is because most balayage applications are done in a customized way to suit how your natural hair grows. Due to this subtle placement, clients don’t get any vivid grow outlines that distinguish where your highlights were applied. This allows clients the luxury to come back when they want to and not because they are forced to. That said, between salon appointments, maintenance and care is crucial to refresh and add radiance to your hair.  

Ultra-customized Balayage


This allows our stylists to use their creativity and artistic talent. We customise the placement of each balayage highlight for completely personalised results. The placement of each of these highlights helps our hair stylists to complement your complexion and contour your face shape. It also enhances your hair cut and style.

With Balayage The Creative Possibilities Are Endless.


These highlights provide the perfect palette, allowing you to try out trendy fashion tones and shades. You may try the beautiful ash blonde balayage shades in summer, and ice blonde balayage in winter. It is up to you to decide how big a change you want.  

Ease into this flawless trend by visiting our Jacky’s Hair and Beauty salon. Having your balayage done by a professional and experienced colourist sets you up for success. Through our experience and expertise, we provide balayage services with confidence and precision that other artists can’t.